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“LandSearch” Property Database

What is “LandSearch” ?

Traditionally property in Thailand has changed hands by word of mouth. There has been (and to a lesser extent remains) a reluctance for property owners to openly list property for sale. Whether you are a local Thai, or a foreign visitor in Phuket for the first time, this has made the process of finding properties for sale and making useful quantitative and qualitative comparisons of available property very time consuming .

Land Search"LandSearch" is a one stop solution to seeing a comprehensive selection of the best properties available in Phuket without all the legwork. Our staff through extensive research have collected (and continually update) full details of the best properties for sale in Phuket. "LandSearch" is a sophisticated computerized visual database that makes viewing (in the comfort of our offices - or now, thanks to the Internet, even on your home PC) a couple of dozen properties selected to match your specific requirements no more difficult than the click of a few buttons.

"LandSearch" can soon help you draw up a short list of properties that you consider warrant detailed site inspections. Then armed with full particulars you can visit only those properties that really interest you, saving you hours of wasted time (for which we are sure you will have a hundred better uses)

"LandSearch" is an exclusive service of Phuket Land Ltd. and only available to our registered clients.

If you are interested in buying or leasing a property in Phuket, Thailand - Use our on-line Application Form and Register today. There is no charge for registration.