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Why do I need a Home inspection?

This was the question posed to Mark Dietrich, the owner of a new company in Phuket called On-Top Property Inspections.

He told us: "The purchase of one home, let alone two, is probably the largest investment a person can make. Here on Phuket most of the homes are second homes, with the primary home somewhere abroad. Who needs the worries being on the other side of the world: Did I make the right choice? Did I just buy the "Money Pit"? People are no longer just spending a few million Baht on their second home. Many homes are now beginning to sell in excess of two million US Dollars and even more. Certainly with that kind of money involved a home inspection before you buy is the course of wisdom. In fact this practice is routine in most of the western world".

"Its very important to learn as much as you can about the condition of a property and the need for any major repairs before you buy to minimize surprises afterwards. A home inspection also points out the positive aspects of a home, as well as the maintenance that is necessary to keep it in good shape. An inspection may also identify problems in the making to prevent future repairs. If you are selling your home, an inspection can give you a better understanding of items, which may require repair to put the house in a better selling condition, or give the potential buyer peace of mind, knowing that, yes, your house is in great condition! Not only is a home inspection a good idea for existing homes, home inspections are a great idea for new homes as well. You, along with the builder, certainly do not need any additional headaches in the future".

Inspecting homes is a way of life for Mark Dietrich. He came to Phuket after working for 25 years in the custom home and inspecting industry in the USA. He was licensed in both the state of Wisconsin and South Carolina. Mark and his wife Lotte have been coming to Phuket for the past 10 years. They have a 16 months old son, Jonathan, and have had their own house in Nai Harn for the past seven years.

Mark has watched new home building go from just a trickle to a raging flood of new homes with no stopping in sight. He continues: "Home inspectors, typically, are brought into a home purchasing transaction by the buyer as a form of reassurance regarding the condition of the property he or she is about to purchase. Occasionally a pro-active seller will have a home inspector inspect his or hers property as a added benefit to a prospective buyer. Unlike a home appraiser - who is primary interested in the value of a given property - the inspector's focus is on the physical condition of a property as it relates to the sale of that property".

On-Top Property Inspections, Ltd. offers its services for fees ranging from 6,000 Baht to 14,000 Baht, based on the size of the property. They can also perform inspections for new homes as they are being built. This typically includes a series of 6 or so inspections. The inspection process takes anywhere from 3 to 6 hours and covers hundreds of inspection points that are documented in a 20-35 page report. Getting a home inspection done with your next real estate transaction, whether your a buyer or seller, makes perfect sense for both parties. If you are interested in having a home inspection or would like to find out more information about On-Top's services, give Mark a call on 076-388-309.